Changes that will be made:

Height of the paper will be taller – (why?) – because stamp took up most of the page, and the creators don’t want the stamp to land over top of text

Front and End circles will be made from thicker paper – approximately 80-100lb paper.  (why?) – because creators don’t want to use glue, and currently there are two pages glued together to make it thicker.

Front and End circles will be made from white paper – (why?) to create more of a visual distinction between cover and pages.

Front and End circles will not use glue to attach pages, but rather they will be sewn – (why?) because sewn pages will last longer, and look more aesthetically pleasing

Front circle will have hand drawn image of Pittsburgh and text of title – (why?) – because that’s whatcha do with a front page, duh!

Inside of front circle and inside of end circlenwill have lines to make it appear to look like a wheel (why?) it gives the look of the book being parts of a bike